The customer as a person is my focus

  • We support our customers in all matters of commercial expansion and commercial real estate.
  • We rely on our methodical expertise, our negotiating experience and our far-reaching international network.
  • We think laterally, work in a solution-oriented manner, with mutual respect, in trusting collaboration and with an open-minded approach.


What we offer

We support our customers on projects or accompany them continuously to achieve their goals.


  • Commerce
  • Restaurants
  • Service providers
  • Property owners, operators and developers of shopping centres / retail parks or commercial and mixed-use real estate

What we offer

  • Expansion
  • Commercial exploitation, leasing, sales and optimisation
  • Planning advice, portfolio analysis and optimisation, repositioning


Proximity to markets, intensive communication with market participants and knowledge of standard categories is a requirement for us to be effective as a partner.

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Thanks to international commercial experience, extension location expertise of inner cities, shopping centres and retail park sites in Austria, Germany and a host of countries in the CEE/SEE region, analytical and methodical skills, negotiating experience and a far-reaching international network, we find the right approach to answer our customers' questions.


We offer commercial enterprises, catering plans and service providers a structured expansion for the growth of their business through location searches, location evaluation and location quality and value protection.

They ask themselves the following questions, for example:

  • Which market presents opportunities for my plan?
  • Which regions, cities and locations should I occupy?
  • Is it the right time to enter?
  • Does the market offer the right locations?
  • How do I realise my desired locations?
  • Who is supporting my evaluation process or market entrance?
  • Can I commercially exploit locations?

We have the necessary contacts and will find out actual real estate availability for you.
We will check and evaluate the locations offered in terms of the criteria relevant to you – such as location, size, structural conditions, etc. – and will be happy to negotiate the key commercial figures on your behalf.
In the event of any problems, we will make commercial use of your property and look for a new lessee for you.

Commercial exploitation, leasing, sales and optimisation

We offer to look after the leasing or sale of the commercial real estate of project developers, real estate operators or property owners
or to support them with specific questions to optimise their assets.

They ask themselves questions like:

  • Are there new commercial or restaurant plans for my shopping centre?
  • Is now the right time to sell my real estate?
  • Do I have the right mix of businesses in the shopping centre?
  • What can I improve together with my lessees?
  • Are there new forms of use or types of business for my real estate?

We monitor the markets and observe new trends and players in the respective market segments. We are in constant contact with market participants, both providers and users, and, due to the continuous management of our network, possess the necessary avenues to be able to identify and resolve the specific questions and problems of our customers.

Planning advice, portfolio management and optimisation, repositioning

Our customers receive a substantiated analysis of their actual situation and suggestions for the future-oriented alignment of their business models.

For all market participants, we offer:

the inspection and evaluation of your standard portfolio, produce quality rankings, derived from this we provide you with specific recommendations for action, both for your strategy and also operational.

Your questions here might be:

  • Does my portfolio still measure up to my strategy or positioning?
  • Which shopping centre has the potential for a refurbishment?
  • Is the single location still the right one?
  • Does the location have potential, or are there alternatives to it?
  • Can my location-decision-making process be improved?
  • Are my leases legally and commercially sound?
  • Where do I have cost-reduction potential around the location?

By analysing the cost situation, we show the potential for quality and cost improvements.
We are available to you for the operational implementation of our proposals and also support you, if required, in the search for alternative locations and with exit management.

In addition to the operational conclusions from the portfolio analysis, we also consider the key question as to whether the existing location network measures up to the desired strategic positioning of your plan.

We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have and look forward to your getting in touch with us.


How we work

Rainer Kundörfer

"The customer as a person is my focus.
In this way, empathy and trust form the basis for the best possible representation of my customers and in collaboration with my partners".

To Rainer Kundörfer, this has been the key to his business dealings for over 20 years of practical involvement in retail and consulting.


Our approach

  • Personal support is the key to our customer relationships.
    As a representative of the interests of our customers, your concerns are the driving force behind our performance.
  • We represent our customer as our partner, in accordance with their values and their requirement profile.
  • It is not always the direct path most amenable at first glance that is immediately productive. We think laterally and take account of the various interests of market participants for our suggestions and decisions for the benefit of our customers.
  • The mutual respect and trusting collaboration forms the basis of cooperation.
    Trust and respect need time to grow.
    For this to occur, an open-minded approach and intensive and professional communication between partners and market participants.

Within this context, we look forward to being able to show you the opportunities for a joint cooperation and to develop those opportunities with you
in a personal meeting. Please get in touch with us.

Vision, mission and values

  • We combine our international commercial experience with our extensive location expertise, both for sites in inner cities, shopping centres and retail parks in Austria, Germany and a host of countries in the CEE/SEE region.
  • Our objective is to advise retailers, restaurateurs, service providers, real estate operators and real estate project developers in a competent and target-focussed manner.
  • To do this, we rely on our methodical expertise, our negotiating experience and our far-reaching international network.
  • We get involved in all phases and issues relating to expansion, market development, location development and location optimisation. In this regard, we connect and take into consideration the interests of our customers and market participants to achieve a win-win situation.
  • We think laterally, work for our customers in a solution-oriented manner, with mutual respect, in trusting collaboration and with an open-minded approach.
  • The long-term supporting of our customers and a focus on their requirements is what drives us.


Our partners


Consulting of retailers in Austria, Germany and other countries in Eastern and Central Europe

Supporting real estate project developers and operators of retail real estate in restructuring and marketing (leasing and sales)

Some of our references

  • Raiffeisen Leasing and Unicredit/Bank Austria, project work for restructuring shopping centres,
    especially the ongoing repositioning of Innsbruck WEST shopping centre since 2014
  • SES Spar European Shopping Centers, lessee customer satisfaction project, 2012
  • Shopping Nord shopping centre and retail park, Graz – consultation for the planning and marketing of the revitalisation and expansion from 2012–2016
  • CCC Shoes & Bags – expansion consulting for Austria, Croatia and Slovenia, 2013-2019
  • AmRest – Kentucky Fried Chicken, expansion consulting, Austria
  • 3 Goldene Kugeln (restaurants), expansion consulting, Austria
  • Inter IKEA Center Group, international lessor training 2011
  • Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf, consulting regarding expansion themes for CEE countries 2011-2014
  • K A R L Group retail park in Deggendorf, Germany, consulting and leasing, 2014-2018
  • TEDI Warenhandels GmbH – expansion consulting for Austria and Croatia since 2017
  • Nuveen Real Estate und City Point Betriebs GmbH – shopping center City Point Steyr – consulting for concept and retail, 2017-2021

We would very much like to have you as our customer. Get in touch with us.


Career / CV


After studying business administration in Nuremberg, Rainer Kundörfer worked in different roles and responsibilities at Vorwerk & Co. in Wuppertal at the headquarters and also on the integration and development of new business fields in operational subsidiary companies for five years from 1990.



Attracted by the job of helping to build a company right from the start, Rainer Kundörfer first switched over to Shoe 4 You – a German subsidiary of the shoe business Leder & Schuh International AG, Graz – in 1995.

Ultimately becoming the managing director by 2005, here Rainer Kundörfer was essentially responsible for the market development of various sales concepts of Leder & Schuh, Germany.

From 2005 to 2010, Rainer Kundörfer took responsibility within the board of directors of Leder & Schuh International AG for international expansion, construction and investment controlling.

From researching the markets, to market entry, to setting up formats: responsibility for markets and areas encompassed 11 countries.


Since 2011, Rainer Kundörfer has been successfully active in the consulting of commercial enterprises, catering plans, service providers and real estate operators.

Customers have included CCC Shoes & Bags, the Shopping Nord shopping centre and retail park in Graz, Raiffeisen Leasing, Bank Austria, Spar European Shopping Centers (SES), Inter IKEA, Peek & Cloppenburg and AmRest KFC.

Download: Curriculum vitae

Professional expertise


Location expertise
International activities
Estate agent's licence
Member of the German and Austrian Council of Shopping Centers since 2009




Since 2009, opinions and expert commentary in Across Magazin (more...)

Book contribution "... und Schoppingcenter: Das Lesebuch und Nachdenkbuch", October 2012 (contribution in downloadable format)


Speaker and discussion participant in panels


Real Vienna 28 May 2009, "What's Next? The Future of the Shopping Center Industry in CEE/SEE", moderated by Eugen Freund

Deutscher Fachmarktimmobilien Kongress 20 October 2010

Jury member for the Across Award 2010 to select the most innovative shopping centre of the year in CEE